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Why PureOudh?

100% pure oudh is what every oudh lovers looking for. However, a lot of times, oudh lovers bought NOT 100% pure and paid top money. In most cases, Oudh Lover do not know where are the actual plantation or even the factory that produces the oil.

While Oudh Lovers wanting to buy pure oudh oil direct from factory, the factory also would like to deliver pure oudh oil directly to purchaser. The factory is very keen to explain the real oudh resin formation, resin selection process and the various quality controls system that the oudh loving factory owners have painstakingly instilled in the distillation system in order to produce top quality oudh oil.

The pure oudh lovers and the pure oudh distillers are far apart when actually, they should be together to discuss and explore the various façade of pure oudh.

Is this possible?

Yes, PureOudh makes this possible. PureOudh are letting the Oudh Lovers to directly buy from the factory at way below market price.

How we can do that? We at factory and plantation level need to take care of the trees, inoculate and harvest the trees, then we process the wood chip to produce the oil. All these effort needs time and labour to operate while waiting for the pure oudh oil to be sold. If Oudh Lovers can continuously purchase, then, the plantation workers have stability over their monthly income and the factory can keep the operating cost efficient and low by maintaining an optimum size.

Would Pure Oudh lovers like to help the agarwood farmers to have a more stable living standard and the factory workers to have a stable income AND meantime, enjoying the lower than ex factory cost?

PureOudh Package Details

Oudh Lovers can sign up a good deal with the factory owner to have long term supply of pure Oudh at lower than market price.

PureOudh lovers can choose the contract to suit the situation.

For those Pure Oudh Lovers who are really keen, please fill up the form here and we will contact you to let you know how you can get 100% pure original oudh oil at below factory price.